"I first made contact with Andrea in 2014 when I got promoted and was moving from Victoria to Qld.

As it was short notice I decided to discuss selling our home with Andrea which I found to be very clear and thorough.

So we went through the process and may I say Andrea has helped and supported me every step of the way.

I am glad to say that all the worry and stress of managing the house and associated costs and upkeep have been taken away.

I would recommend Andrea to anyone."


"My name is Barbara. I was in a bit of trouble with a house that I got left with after a break up. I

was going to lose the house and owe the bank more money than I could of sold it for. I saw an ad

for Andrea, this opportunity saved me from needing to worry or find money that I didn't have.

Andrea made everything clear and easy, she has always been there for me anytime I was unsure

of how things were going. I call her a blessing,

Andrea I haven't told you how grateful I am to you, thankyou."

Happy client Barbara.