Property Seller Solutions

About Us

Hi, I'm Andrea, and I've been helping people with their property problems since 2012. I am a private investor that specializes in solving people’s property problems by utilizing my systems of alternative selling processes.

Having trouble selling your house?— I have solutions where I can sell your house FAST, even if you couldn’t sell it the traditional way.

I have different solutions to suit your individual needs. So if you have a house problem, come to me to find out what one is going to suit you.

I have three key objectives:

1. To LISTEN to your needs and see if one of my solutions would work for you.

2. Create a truly WIN-WIN situation for all involved

3. Invest an extensive amount of time and money to refine the systems I use. I keep up to date with industry and regulatory changes through close business and personal relationships with some of the most respected professionals in the country and attend regular meetings in different cities.

Think of me as a Doctor of Property!

I take pride in my integrity and always strive to create a winning situation for everyone involved.

Call me directly on 0434 359 369 for a chat.